Monday, June 28, 2010

My plethora of creative juices is starting to return to a more manageable level. At least one if not two of my podcasts will be going on hiatus. The third has kinda slowed and I really want to re-focus on it and keep it going.

This week I will be sitting down and pulling photos for two of the three photo book projects I have been invited to help with.

I just haven't been able to pull together enough time in one shot to sit and write anything yet but I haven't back burnered those ideas yet they are still kinda hangin in the forefront.

Lately my muse and I have engaged in alot of TV/movie watching and I feel that any amount of creativity I may have pales in comparison to others.

Looking for another church to attend. Visited our third in two months and were very nonplussed. Not really sure if out lack of engagement is ours or an urging by the Holy Spirit nor do we know if it was correct of us to leave PCOG, but we did and are trying to find other.

Monday, June 7, 2010

What's a con?

This past Saturday and Sunday I attended the Heroes Convention in Charlotte, NC. My two sons ages 12 and 14 and my best girl Friday (Teri) accompanied me on this comic book safari that comes but once a year.

The four of us had about as good a time as a group can that includes juveniles. We laughed, we cried we ate all became a part of us.

Looking back I see that it was most definitely not the tangibles that made the occasion memorable it was very much the circumstances. This is the first out Teri has really had with Mike and Nick that allowed everyone to be themselves. She was slightly reserved about the reception she felt she might get from my sons seeing as I am in the process of ending a four year marriage/five year relationship. It was the first relationship since I had ended the one with their mother.

I felt confident that Mike and Nick would be comfortable with Teri but I can understand she was hoping for something more then just my word to assuage her concerns. I do believe she is well on the way to feeling that Mike and Nick like her for who she is and what she can bring to a relationship with them.

I thank the Lord for allowing me to foster and grow a relationship with Teri. She has allowed me the freedom to pull out of a depression that was many years in the making and at the time we started to get to know each other, had a seriously firm hold on my psyche. Our time and her manner have awakened a muse within me that I long thought had departed. Those who follow my other ventures will see that as a truth.

Thank you Teri Anne for your positive energy that allows me to create.

Father God, I know I do not deserve what you allow me to have. I know that there is no way that I will ever be able to return in like all that you have given me yet you continue to give more. You watch and wait as I stagger and fall off the path, knowing full well I think I know what is going on but don't You humbly wait for me to right myself and continue on mouthing that I want to be a better Christian and meaning most of the time. Lord please forgive me the times I don't do as I should...I will not stop trying. Amen.