Sunday, January 25, 2015

2015 25

My 'going off' moment this morning was based on the bullshit the American Sniper moving is drawing forth from the mouths of fucking liberals. My suggestion is that if you disagree go over there and you take care of it other wise you support those folks that are merely doing what they are told until they can get home. Your privileged lifestyle over here affords the the time to consider things you have no clue about.

A Thorcast in the can and now  Elementary, Resurrection, Banshee, Justified and The Librarians on the tube, Bronze Age later tonite.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

2015 24

Spent the morning reading through about three weeks worth of our local daily paper. Chef Teri works for them and brings me home a copy nearly every day. I let them pile up this time and didn't really like the message it was sending for the effort she goes through to bring me one home each day.

Just had a killer conversation with Chef Teri about the ins and outs of paper marketing and collections.

Watched reno shows all day and now flipped to the UFC Fight Night prelims.

Finishing the night with a little X games.

Friday, January 23, 2015

2015 23

Friday, payday, two days off. Wish it was longer.

I have officially listed a new top pisser. I am fucking sick to death of society changing it's rules because the old, fucking retarded or addicts can't live with the current rules. I want the LCD of society to just shrivel up and blow away with the genetic wind thus saving us all future generations of like mind. Why do I have to be inconvenienced because someone else is too fucking stupid? The minority should make way for the majority, isn't that the whole point of being the majority? Catering to the less enfranchised certainly is not it.

UFC Fight Nigh 52 replay. Because the Netflix movie was a piece of shit commentary bullshit that wasn't how it was advertised, bitches.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

2015 22

The Pens head into the All Star break on a four game slide and four of eleven. Not looking too good for the playoffs. They are second now but only a point out of third and two out of fourth. I think Johnson is not the shit they thought he was. Bring back Bylsma.

Wow getting a six foot piece of flexible tubing, face mask with silicone insert and Velcro headgear for my C-Pap machine requires near a presidential decree and it all started out with some HIPPA bullshit from the place that used to but now no longer services my area for said supplies via my insurance. It's about to get all funky up in here!

Nice big salad for dinner. The most settled my stomach has been after dinner all week.

UFC Fight Night 51, trying to catch up.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2015 21

Pens lost last night in a terrible display of hockey. 3 in a row now and I'm seriously wondering what it is Johnson brings to the table that Bylsma did not. Lack of playoff success is tough but you gotta make it first and Johnson is not showing he can Pens are 10-12 in their last 21 games. Doesn't look like a very bright move so far by the owners.

Seems there are more and more aspects of my 'hobby' I am disgruntled with. Wonder if it's time to change up my personal coverage of said hobby.

Now with no football I hope we can catch up with MMA, been missing it too. Maybe time for the return of Moore MMA.

One of my favorite MMA podcasts is coming back in February after being faded since October 2013.

Pens playing the Blackhawks tonite lest hope we can get of the schnide.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2015 20

I have a renewed energy for the BOOM! Addiction podcast. Been reading interviews given previously by the creators of Burning Fields in prep for our interview with the writers tonite,

Monday, January 19, 2015

2015 19

HIPPA is probably the biggest piece of legislative bullshit I frequently deal with. I love when misinformed medical professionals inform me what HIPPA does and I get to tell them they are wrong.

Looks like Ebay will be the best bet to get the BOOM! 10th Ann covers I didn't order and then I can start with the March order getting them for 6 a piece. Four for Jan and Four for Feb to catch up.

Had some killer eggplant lasagna from Chef Teri's bag of tricky foods and now finishing up the UFC Fight Night card from Saturday. I think she's got a hard on for Connor McGreggor, shhhh.