Friday, November 21, 2014

Two hundred ninety nine

Lazy morning. Then an easy 3 hour trip to Charlotte.

We had dinner at the Marroitt because we were already there and it was just minutes walk from the arena.

The concert was the coolest, wierdest concert I have been too. Lots of hair and laser lights with smoke and flame enough to make any 80's-90's hair metal fan happy.

A couple of the songs hit me rather melancholy because of my current feelings about Mike and Nick but not depressingly so.

Got back to the room in time to here our neighbors finish off there rutting session. It almost made the alpha in me throw Chef Teri down and mark my territory but I did not take up the challenge.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Two hundred ninety eight

Comic book day!

So far my Midtown order, DCB Service order and 3 of 4 Amazon orders have shipped. Excellent shipping news day. The Amazons are Christmas presents for Chef Teri.

Sitting down to record this week's Dance Fevre and after next week only one show to  keep up with until Janurary rather then two per week for Dance Fevre.

Caught up on Walking Dead and watching UFC 178 now lots to catch up there, hopefully we can.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Two hundred ninety seven.

Very profound and deep thinking day at work as far as my social media posts were. Not really sure why.

Now to finish up watching this week's Strictly and perhaps record Dance Fevre 159. Then Pens and some comic book blog posting feels in order.

Nope not enough time to get the recording in before the Pens. Oh well we'll get it tomorrow night.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Two hundred ninety six

UGH!!! Stayed up till past midnight last night and this morning is sucking ass so far.

Some thoughts about what I want to do for TEAL Productions next year so I guess I'll start me goals list for 2015 today.

I had a question answered on a hockey podcast, I'm in!

Listening to the first three episodes of the Constantine Afterbuzz show and I realize how much I'm really diggin the show. Maybe I should pull out the source and read the comics. Add to my 2015 todo list.

It's been fun to watch our youngest son's journey to college so far. Excited to see what he finally picks and hope that he is more successful at it then his brother has been.

Prolly watch Strictly Come Dancing tonite before Dancing with the Stars.

I need to edit and post MBA too...outta town Thur and Fri.

Watched most of the Strictly and Dancing with.

Man dinner was slammin. Chef Teri never ceases to amaze my taste buds.

Two hundred ninety five

Recorded 3 podcasts and produced 6. Feels good to get some podcasting done.

No football today nor hockey.

Slow lazy Sunday.

Two hundred ninety four

Football has gotten boring today for some reason. Trying to finish a novel and that has me bored as well.

Perhaps recording a podcast will interest me, lets see.

Recorded 4 Ronin Rabbit's today.

Excellent steak fajita dinner with Nick and Chef Teri.

MMA to finish the evening.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Two hundred ninety three

The high point of work today was turning in the papers that will end up giving me six consecutive days off from work and nine of eleven total to end the month.

Man trying to talk to my Dad over the phone about computer stuff is, I believe, the most futile thing I have ever attempted in my entire life.

Walking Dead consumed now time fro Pens vs Maple Leafs.