Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Three hundred five

Chef Teri took an siq day so I did as well.

After catching up on all the latest NHL games (let me say how disappointing it is to find out that there are virtually no sites online from which one can download NHL games) we proceded to catch up on Forever.

Now while my siq Mrs naps I have switched to UFC Fight Night 51 trying to catch up with the years shows. They have 45 planned for next year.

Caught up on Forever and pizza. Now watching Resurrection.

Pens vs Maple Leafs. Pens win and caught up on all the years Marvel comics. They have so many killer properties that are just being misused and abused by the current crop of writers. So many books just totally suck ass.

Three hundred four

Lazy morning and then a quarterly trip to the Dr.

Now catching up on more Marvel comics while UFC PPV's are playing in the background.

Trying to stay with Dancing with the Stars while they hold me hostage for the first hour. I hate it!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Three hundred three

Nice breakfast burrito this morning.

While Chef Teri is getting the oil changed in the car I am doing some of the many busy things I seem to fall into.

I downloaded all of this week's BOOM! press kits and preview PDF's. I also upload all the current weeks covers to a Pinterest board.

Now reading of the adventures of Anja Creed while Invicta 8 is on the tube. And 9. And UFC 179.

Yummo chicken barley soup for lunch today. Chef Teri is the bestest cook ever.

Catching up on some recent Marvel comics.

Now time for Dancing with the Stars.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Three hundred two

Started the morning with watching my favorite show on TV, The Alps from the Air. It's a AXs.TV show that tours various towns in the Alps with awesome cinematography from helicopter as the move from town to town. In each town they focus on an individual that is involved in something unique about that town.

Now getting things ready with NFL Gameday morning and then probably the Steelers game from last week on NFL Rewind since they have an off week this week.

But first we will catch up on Z Nation.

Episode 9 of Z Nation was way too meta for me.

Now onto Steelers/Titans from last week.

Constantine and Grimm from two weeks ago go down. So that's two Constantine, two Grimm, five Z Nation and three Covert Affairs. Not a bad day of entertainment.

Strictly to finish out.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Three hundred one

Tudor's and College Gameday for the laid back win.

Now we are catching up on The Strain.

I am trying to catch up on the little projects I keep tasking myself with at the same time as the above.

I'm a little disappointed that The Strain descended into the massive monsters must be fended off and the group survive trope. I thought it had a more cerebral potential.

The longer this season of The Strain goes the more disappointed I get in the writing.

Omlette spot for dinner. Not haute cuisine but works non the less.

The Strain kind of petered out the longer the season ran...not so sure about loosing time to  a second season.

Now catching up on Z Nation which is way cooler because it seems to take itself way less seriously then TS or TWD.

Pens game interrupts our regularly scheduled non pens time.

Three hundred

On and off sleep. New place new sounds but ok overall.

Lots of walking around at the Southern Christmas Show.

One of the first booths we stopped out had some of the coolest pottery Chef Teri and I had seen. We ended up purchasing some but for me that wasn't remotely important. After choosing what we wanted we paid and told the gentleman, whom we now know is Gregory Warren, to keep the change which amounted to less then three dollars. What happened then impacted me in such a profound way and I don't believe I can really explain to anyone else why. Mr Warren was so surprised and touched by our generosity that in that moment I saw for just an instant the kinda of genuine gentleness and kindness that is missing from humanity as a whole. I'm not sure anyone else can even understand I however was moved at that point to the extent after leaving his booth I had to stop and clear my eyes of the tears that had come unbidden and filled my eyes to the point I couldn't see to walk around. Just a couple minutes later it was as if nothing had happened. Chef Teri was there with me and I'm not even sure she fully understood what had happened or why, I'm not even fully sure myself. Either way I need to thank Mr Warren and thank God for putting me in that situation and allowing me the opportunity to experience something that touched me that deeply that quickly.

After the show we searched and decided on Bosnian as the cuisine for dinner. It was excellent and well worth the effort.

Man it was good to be home and after a Pens game to catch our breath we hit the sack in our own bed.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Two hundred ninety nine

Lazy morning. Then an easy 3 hour trip to Charlotte.

We had dinner at the Marroitt because we were already there and it was just minutes walk from the arena.

The concert was the coolest, wierdest concert I have been too. Lots of hair and laser lights with smoke and flame enough to make any 80's-90's hair metal fan happy.

A couple of the songs hit me rather melancholy because of my current feelings about Mike and Nick but not depressingly so.

Got back to the room in time to here our neighbors finish off there rutting session. It almost made the alpha in me throw Chef Teri down and mark my territory but I did not take up the challenge.