Friday, October 31, 2014

Two hundred seventy eight

This morning seems to be going by horribly slowly.

Dinner was a 'quickie' steak quesadilla that was excellent. Chef Teri can prepare good food off the top of her head and with week of planning it doesn't really seem to matter.

The salsa lessons were greatly disappointing to me as I found that I either lack Latino coordination of am horribly uncoordinated period.

The music and group Lanzallamos was great I we had a great time. The Room Upstairs is a cool get away in our area and I really want to take advantage more often.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Two hundred seventy seven

Homemade casidilla burgers lat night and Chef Teri has a long term winner with that recipe.

It seems the NCAA is letting up on athletes making money while in college. That's a good thing it's their likeness and livelihood who's business is it other then theirs. Their name and likeness is their brand.

I need to watch some MMA I'm starting to need a fix.

I feel really excited to drop more posts on my new Xmen blog. Unabashed Xfan. I think the nomenclature is an idex blog. I'm going to read books and give my thoughts on them. Nothing special. It would be cool to get folks to comment but I haven't really told anyone about it so that would be hard to happen. I have also started Widow's Bite: A Marvel Black Widow Read Along BlogThousands To Read and Not Enough Time and Imag(i)Nation. It seems a lot but basically they are all there just for my to drop my thoughts as I read-reread X-men, Image Comics, Black Widow and older books.

It's disappointing when the purveyor of all that is both trendy and useless in BFE (Walmart) doesn't carry a 33 inch metal replacement zipper. I'm getting closer and closer to just doing all my shopping at Amazon, because they tend to carry what I need, brick and mortar not so much.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Two hundred seventy six

I started yet another comic book index blog last night. This one so I can put down my thoughts on re-reading the Uncanny X-men from Giant Size on through. I guess these blogs are my way of talking about the books that I like even though it's a very one sided conversation.

Again someone on Facebook who is not a christian but probably would say they have 'read' the bible is using old testament scripture to support their non christian contention. If they had 'read' the bible they would understand as do real Christians that we are not bound by the old testament covenant that we have a new one as of the Crucifixion of Christ.

You post something and then when folks start discussing what you posted you delete it saying you never argue about it. What the fuck is the point of all that? Get some damn balls of move to the side!

After some rough going early and unreliable play from Fleury they spotted him the 6+ goals he needs to win.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Two hundred seventy five

Highlight of the week looks to  be a possible trip to a local joint to catch a professional salsa band play, we'll see.

Dinner with Mike was as pleasant a time as the three of us has had together. The meal was decent also. Overpriced for takeaway but good otherwise.

Fish en papiote for dinner and then chocolate pudding and whipped topping fro dessert, yummmmm.

Doing the Dancing with the Stars thing while working on a couple comic book blogs. Probably will finish up the night.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Two hundred seventy four

Gameday this morning running while my body tries to convince me that Campestre is not the type of cuisine it appreciates me ingesting.

Now trying to figure out what I want to do. Read for tonites podcast, read for one of several index blog I'm playing with, read a novel and try to finish it up, nothing but watch TV...decisions, decisions, decisions

Wow had a long discussion of our sons when the ex stopped by the apartment after going to a local church. Will wonders never cease.

Hopefully Chef Teri and my plans to have dinner with my oldest son Mike will still go through. He has proven so far in his young life to be painfully unreliable.

Looks like my fantasy football team may pull one out

Steelers won and my fantasy team for all intents and purposes did not.

Dinner and after with Mike went very well.

Two hundred seventy three

Lots to do today. Tires for the car which included an updated membership to SAMS club and and hour and a half walkthru for an additional $--- spent on items we needed.(?)

Then a top at JoAnnes Fabrics to see if they had the appropriate zipper I need to fix my favoritest jacket ever that Chef Teri got for me.

Then time at a local scifi convention celebrating it's 33 year, our first visit.

Late lunch early dinner that concludes our out time now time to get home and watch WVU play.

WVU won as did the Pens so it turned out to be a pretty good sports day for us. As did Concord University, Marshal University and Clemson University.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Two hundred seventy two

Starting with last night we have a weekend of plans being altered against what we want.

First my youngest wants to change his schedule with us this weekend, then Chef Teri has work stuff both today and tomorrow. Being the 'nice guy' sure can suck at times.

Listening to MMA Hour I can tell I am loosing interest in MMA. Especially since it's been almost a year since I was researching for my podcast. A weekly show was lots of work and I did it for about a year and a half before flaming out. Now it juts too much to keep up with and too many shows I can't watch legally. I can't wait until this Fox contract is over and then maybe it will be interesting again. Too watered down at this point especially with so many fighters being injured.

This season it looks like I may dig that deeply into the Pens as I have a blog following them this season, we'll see how that plays out. I'm great with ideas but my follow through notoriously sucks.

Sorry we missed the TUF 20 episode to watch that paltry showing by the Pens. My favorite female fighter fought and won, gotta grab that one.

So far the Pens are up 3-1. Greiss is doing an excellent job. Well until allowing 2 goals in 2 1/2 minutes. Shit!!!

I'll read about this shit in the morning.