Saturday, February 28, 2015

2015 59

My weight yesterday was 291 up from the low of the previous 3 months of 287 but my blood sugar was 118. I don't believe I have ever tested it and it's been that low.

Watching as a friend of mine looks to be in the process of completely doing anything with comics but reading them. Kinda hard to just watch because he has written review and podcasted for as long as I have known about him and/or been friends. Folks change so maybe it's his time.

I on the other hand have been listening to a new podcast that has restored a lot of the shiny and possibility I first saw in podcasts.

Sorting through my Dr Who, Dragonlance, Mack Bolan and Forgotten Realms ebooks.

Friday, February 27, 2015

2015 58

After all the shit yesterday with my Dr's appointment I went today and my Dr wasn't there but neither did they even have me down for an appointment. Which means when all is said and done and they take my blood I will have been off most medications for a week. Wonder how that is going to look. Can you say skewed results? I knew you could.

Ordered some Upper Deck hockey cards today. Interesting to watch as sets come and go and what prices folks ask.

Just messaged the host of one of my longer listened to podcasts. I've listen since they started and she said they had missed not hearing from me in  a while. I was touched. Podcasting can be such a cool thing to be a part of when you just keep it in perspective and old school.

It's ok to organize and/or attend a female only or Japanese only or gender queer only function but to advertise much less attend a male only, christian only or cis male only function is socially irresponsible. Fuck that and fuck you bunch of pussies that are trying to get back what's been denied or taken away from you. It's getting to the point I don't want to support and even hope you fail. WASP cis male power, all the way you fuckwads. Situational ethics is a pile of horseshit and anyone that plays with that should choke on it and exit the gene pool immediately. This even the score bullshit is getting really old.

Man that eggplant lasagna really messes with my gut. Ouchy.

Playin around with the iPad on my computer as I have gotten iTunes to work and am cleaning it up of all the podcast bullshit. Put on some novels and My Little Pony comics.

Watching Bellator USA vs England.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

2015 57

The day started after sleeping late with the realization that my doctor's appointment which I had stayed home from work for was tomorrow not today.

I attending and advisory board meeting for Mercer County 911, what a bureaucratic morass and waste of time.

Eggplant lasagna for the win and Forever, Justified to finish up.

Everything you say sounds like a toast to the queen. - Niedermier (Backstrom)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2015 56

Man my task blinders were on full force yesterday at work. I found a particular error that affected several building centroids on our maps and spent the majority of the afternoon tracing said problem throughout a large section of our Arcmap map. This morning Bobby was looking over the area I was messing with yesterday and found centroids affected by a couple other types of errors that completely escaped my notice even though I was looking at the exact same ones. Woof I got pay better attention that shit makes me look like a goober.

New comic book day. Gonna stop by the shop and grab this month's comics and Previews saving a trip to Beckley.

Wow so I'll be coming up to work after my Dr's app to sit in on a meeting that could get contentious over wrecker callout rotation merely because one owner operator has decided he is a prick supreme.

So Nick called today, the younger, telling me about a correction to a mess up with a scholarship app fro Concord U. He seems pretty excited about it.

Mike, the older, seems to be leaning toward wrapping up his latest college attempt and focus on SAMS Club instead.

 A UK paper busted it's ass to out a popular and successful Youtuber whom opens and reviews toys as a form porn actress. Who the fuck cares, get a fuckin life and if you have messed up her mellow you should die a painful fire immolated death.

Sounds like we are gonna grab some Cap'n D's after hittin up Crit Hit.

Threw up my first couple posts for Ophinias, no comics yet, ordered in pizza and watched the Pens beat the Caps.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2015 55

Dancing with the Stars star announcements this morning for the 20th season. That means there will be a Dance Fevre recording this evening.

Eatin homemade riff on Philly steak and cheese while watching the last of UFC Fight Night 61. This is the good life, yo.

Watchin some TV while looking into Orphinias Colony in my new Bravo Fleet Star Trek PbEM sim.

Walking Dead and Banshee.

Monday, February 23, 2015

2015 54

Back to work, boooo!

According to Chef Teri I went to the grocery store weeeeee. I had a big salad, weeeeeeeee.

Spent the evening watching Kitchen and Bahtroom Crashers.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

2015 53

Recorded a Mighty Thorcast.

Found out my iPad comic book app no longer works.

Watched the pens win and now we have a UFC Fight Night on.

46 comics knocked out this weekend. Feels good.